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Bag it up: Sports fishing

Bag it up: Sports fishing

Off the hook for the weekend with Éric St-Onge, an Embedded software developer at Sinopé Technologies


In this summer column, Sinopé Technologies offers a view in the world of its team where each member cultivates various interests, but a shared passion for smart home technology. With each article, one sees what’s in the bag and the must-haves for each different activity.


This week, Embedded software developer Éric St-Onge shares how he gets off the hook and unwinds with sports fishing.



Éric St-Onge has been an embedded software developer for over 15 years now, and he likes going on fishing trips to unwind, or just for fun. Several times a year, he goes fishing in the woods with his friends.

Just as we were doing the interview with Eric and writing these lines, we could actually feel the excitement as he was preparing for his second fishing trip of the season.


What do you like in this sport?

When you go fishing, you have no choice but to slow down. With my friends, we rent a cabin in the woods. There’s no electricity, and we’re exposed to nature. It’s quiet, it’s relaxing. It’s a social activity that gives us quality time between boys. And, you know, the fish may be hard to catch. We have to be patient. Fishing is all about the excitement leading to the activity, preparing the gear, hitting the road for hours and time spent in nature with long-time-no-see friends. Catching the fish is just a pleasure, among others.


How do you prepare for your fishing trips?

I first prepare my list. It’s an essential first step. When you go on a fishing trip, you can’t just go buy the stuff you have forgotten once you’re there. If you forget something, you deal with it! Once, we have improvised our cooking spot by placing a flat rock over a wood fire because we had left the burner behind. We could have done things differently, but improvising is part of the adventure.

Of course, you plan clothing, food, and gear (rapalas, fishing tackles, etc.). I always try to list the fishing spots ahead, so we know where to go for the best catch. And naturally, you need a GPS. That’s a must-have!


What advice would you give to a novice?

If you wish to start fishing, get ready to spend hours and hours in a boat, in the middle of nowhere. You may have all the gear needed in an area where there is plenty of fish, you never know. You may have to wait long before reeling in something. You have to embrace this slow pace.


What are the smart home advantages when you leave for a fishing trip?

After battling black flies, sweating under the sun and enduring layers and layers of mosquito repellent, there is nothing like jumping in the pool at home when returning from fishing. I remotely turn on the water heater using the electrical load controller to which it is connected. Therefore, water is at the right temperature when I get home, and I don’t need to heat the water while I am away.  

If I had a cottage, I would install for sure a floor heating system that I can control remotely, in addition to a smart water damage protection system. I would turn on the heating before I arrive and turn it off when I leave using my smartphone. And in all cases, I would be protected against water damage.


Sports fishing


In the bag

  1. Fenwick fishing rod
    This is the essential accessory for fishing! It is light, and its handle is cork.

  2. Fishing reel
    I bring several reels when I go on a fishing trip. This way, I have the spare parts if ever one of them breaks.

  3. Salus Angler fishing flotation jacket
    As a safety measure, we all put on the flotation jacket before getting into the boat. This one is adapted for fishing with its cargo pockets, nets, lanyards and handwarmer pockets.

  4. Hooks
    Each hook has its function and its utility. I use the first one for jigging to catch walleye; the fish-shaped one is used to hook walleye or pike when I use the trolling technique. Finally, the third is my lucky hook. I use it when it’s terrible. With that one, I’m sure to have a catch!

  5. Candies
    The candies give me energy and help to keep the spirits up when the fish doesn’t show!

  6. Smartphone
    On the way back, it’s with my smartphone that I activate my load controller to start the pool water heater remotely.


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