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Sinopé Technologies on the fast track

Sinopé Technologies on the fast track


The year 2019 started on the fast track for Sinopé Technologies as Maxime Caron-Labonté, former Formula 1 Purchasing Manager, came on board as Commercial Director.

He who orchestrated, organized, managed and oversaw the supply of over 55 races for the F1 across Europe, Asia, and America is now leading the commercial team and strategic thinking of Sinopé Technologies.

What are the common grounds between Formula 1 and the smart home? What is his vision, and how will he place the Internet of Things (IoT) in pole position? Track tour with this seasoned paddock regular.


What parallel is there between F1 and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

These are two ultra-competitive environments where excellence is a standard. You have to reach perfection in an environment that is constantly changing. The status quo is not an option. Never.


Are the challenges the same?

The challenges are different. That said, international issues can be similar. At Sinopé, the development perspective is global. We live in an industry without borders, and we have to deal with the economic and political challenges of each region. Just like in F1, we trade with different cultures every day. A change of government, for instance, can have an immediate economic impact on the development of the company just like it has on the presentation of a race…

A trade war between countries may require a quick reaction to remain competitive in a market. On the other hand, challenge # 1 in all competitive environments remains the importance of innovation. And at Sinopé, we innovate.


Maxime Caron-Labonté worked in over 30 countries as Formula 1 Purchasing Manager.
Here he is at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.


What are the trends in the smart home market?

Consumers are looking for solutions that are simple, and they want to control all their devices from a single platform that gives them maximum possibilities.

We also observe that people often equip one room at a time or focus on one aspect of the house (heating, lighting, etc.), then grow their smart home over the years, rather than equip their house at once.

At Sinopé, we listen to consumers and watch for trends. This is most likely why we get such good reviews of our products and that we have raving fans in North America as well as in Europe or Oceania, even if we do not work to develop the latter two markets.

We even get ahead of the market, like with Sedna, the first ever smart and stand-alone water damage protection system designed in Canada that is also the most reliable and accessible in North America.


What are your plans for Sinopé Technologies?

That Sinopé Technologies becomes the one-stop shop and reference for all smart home-related things in North America. We’re working on developing an even wider variety of devices to help optimize energy consumption and enhance home protection. Ultimately, the Sinopé Home will be the standard for the smart home.


“Sinopé Technologies democratizes the smart home with its high-quality products that remain accessible and affordable.”


How is Sinopé Technologies standing out from the competition?

Sinopé Technologies democratizes the smart home with its high-quality products that remain accessible and affordable. We offer devices for luxury home automation systems as well as for the contemporary smart home.

A significant difference also lies in the performance and stability of our products: unlike the majority, the programming done in Neviweb is saved directly in the devices rather than in the cloud. This provides exceptional stability.


What to expect in the upcoming years from Sinopé Technologies?

The Sinopé ecosystem will keep expanding. Other innovative products will grow our offer that will become more and more comprehensive. Let’s not forget that since the beginning of the company, we launch from 2 to 4 new products every year, not to mention all that we develop for other North American companies. It’s impressive!

With the unveiling of the new Neviweb app, other smart features will be added for users who will now be able to use voice assistants like Alexa and the Google Assistant to control their devices. Many other smart features and compatibilities will enhance the user experience over time.

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