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Water leak detectors 101

Sedna D water detector on ground

Where to place them and how to optimize their use

Between snowmelt, spring rains and overflowing rivers and lakes, the spring season leave homeowners with little time to protect themselves from water damage.

Added to this are all other potential sources of damage: leaky dishwashers or washers, overflowing toilets or baths, and water pipes that merely break. Info Assurance reports that water damage is the main cause of home insurance claims. Water damage protection systems help prevent this kind of situation. Still, you need to know where to place the detectors and how to optimize their features!

Monitor each water junction

To ensure proper protection, specialists recommend installing a water leak monitoring device at every water junction – faucets, water supply pipes, etc. Although insurance companies generally ask their customers to have a minimum of five detectors to get a discount on their premium, co-owners usually want to install a lot more. Éric Des Groseilliers, a sales representative at Sinopé Technologies, regularly meets co-owners and condo managers as part of his daily work. He observes the phenomenon: “The risk is increased tenfold for the co-owners. The leak can come from the owner’s condominium or from their neighbor’s. That’s why they prefer to leave nothing to chance and monitor all the places at risk. They demand the same from their neighbor”, he says.

WL4210S Smart water leak detector with remote sensor detecting water

The probe of the WL4210S water leak detector designed by Sinopé Technologies is waterproof. It can, therefore, be immersed without being damaged.

Select location

A water leak detector should be installed near every water junction to prevent damage from the property itself:

  • Under each sink in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Behind the dishwasher, the washer and refrigerators with water dispensers
  • Near the water heater and water softener
  • Next to the toilet or bath, especially if there are young children who might clog one or leave the other’s faucet open

Where, precisely, should the detector be positioned? Ideally, directly under the water supply pipe. If no pipe is visible or accessible, or if your water heater is not installed in a retention tank, place the detector as close as possible to the unit concerned, but towards the drain to which the unit water flows naturally.

The sensors of the device must be in contact with the ground and, if there is a risk that the device is moved, it is recommended to fix it temporarily or definitively using double-sided tape or screws.

Sedna water damage protection kit

The Sedna5 starter kit, featuring a water valve and five water leak detectors, is Canada’s first smart and stand-alone water damage protection system.

Protect your home from natural causes

At this time of the year, in addition to the damage that comes from the house, are added those of natural cause. When choosing your water damage protection system, be sure to protect your home from both.

Sedna5, a smart water damage protection system, is reliable and efficient in any situation. This system automatically activates the closure of the valve attached to the main water inlet at the slightest presence of water sensed by the detectors. The system then immediately sends an alert by email or text message indicating the location of the leak and confirming that everything is under control. It is also possible to put the detectors in “monitoring” mode – they detect and alert you as soon as there is water without triggering the closing of the valve. Besides, the WL4210S detector by Sinopé Technologies is equipped with a waterproof sensor with a 4-feet wire. You can attach this detector to the wall and the sensor can be inserted a few inches under ground level, into the drain or sump pump. This way, you will be notified as soon as the water rises and react more quickly to protect your belongings.

The water leak detector with perimeter cable is also an interesting device that can be installed all around the water heater. It detects leaks along its entire length (7′) and is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion thanks to its conductive polymer composition.

WL4210C water leak detector with perimeter cable installed around water heater

The detector with perimeter cable is ideal for covering the circumference of the water heater and preventing leaks.

Frozen pipes lead to leaks

Frozen pipes are one of the many causes of water damage. Some water leak detectors, such as those designed by Sinopé Technologies, will detect and send an alert as soon as the temperature drops below 41°F (5 °C).

Whether for the condo, cottage or second home, a smart water damage protection system is a must. What’s more, nowadays, the majority of insurance companies reduce the annual premium of their customers equipped with devices such as those found in the Sedna5 starter kit. With the application of Bill 141 in effect since December 2018, the smart choice and win for co-owners remains to install a reliable, affordable and easy-to-use system.

2 responses to “Water leak detectors 101”

  1. This modern technology has changed so many things. The leak alert system you have provided information about is actually great. It will make things easier for everyone. Leak detectors as well as protectors can be installed by people at home or office. Thanks a lot!
    Geoelectric leak location

  2. john Brown says:

    I have heard about the water leak detection. My neighbour has fixed the water leakages in the underground sewer line by the thermal leak detection company. I have found some damp spots at my home, want to hire leak detection company. I hope they will find the reason and will do the needful in a short time. Well, initially I will follow your tips to find the leak places.

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