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Smart devices – 12 reasons why we want them so badly

Smart devices

12 reasons why we want them so badly


‘’One in four US internet users currently own a smart home device.’’[1]

Shocking? Not so much as voice assistants, smart thermostats and intelligent gadgets are becoming the new standard in North American homes.

And this number is from 2017. Chances are the statistics have drastically increased since then.

Are you dreaming of owning a smart home device? Here are 12 reasons why you want them so badly (and why you should get them).


1. The cool factor

Being able to control devices using only your smartphone or activating devices just because you’re close to your home, that’s nice. Being literally greeted by your home with the right lighting, the perfect temperature and tons of other loving details? Simply wow.


greeted by your home with the right lighting, the perfect temperature and tons of other loving details


2. Because you’re an early adopter

Depending on where you live, you are either an early adopter…or being part of the late majority. No matter where you’re standing on the innovation adoption curve, smart home devices can really make a difference in your life, and that’s why you may be so eager to welcome them in your family.

You’d like to be an even more early adopter? Try this out.

3. To control your home remotely

Some would say smart home devices are the best thing since sliced bread… or since the invention of the remote control. Seriously: we’re ‘’saving’’ steps from the couch to the television, but we would keep ourselves from setting the heating from our phones?


Setting the heating from your phone


4. To reduce the electricity bill

That’s a good one. If you’re in charge of the budget at home, take notes.
If your electricity bill is exploding, you need to cut somewhere. But where?

Smart home devices created by Sinopé Technologies allow you to see the energy consumption of each connected device, whether it’s a thermostat, a light switch or your water heater. The graphics featured in Neviweb, the management platform designed by the company, show in real time the energy consumption in dollars, in kilowatt-hour and in the percentage of use. You can literally see how much heating your kitchen costs you, and how much you can really save when adopting the right moves. You will notice that the bedroom thermostat is heating all the time (did you forget to close the window?) and that lowering the temperature by a couple degrees can really make a difference on your electricity bill. And that we love.


Energy consumption reports with Neviweb



5. Because it’s an affordable luxury

Unless you’re aiming for a sophisticated home automation system, you can really upgrade your comfort without breaking the bank!

And did we mention that smart home devices could help reduce your energy bill?

6. To get more options

Smart home devices are controlled through a management platform, like SmartThings or Neviweb. Manufacturers can, therefore, offer more functionalities and features for each device. You can create scenes and routines to control many devices at once or program automatic set-ups based on time and day.

And because smart home devices are connected and controlled using the internet, consumers have access to more information. Like this thermostat that, in addition to featuring the indoor temperature, displays the outdoor temperature provided by The Weather Network on its screen. That’s a great feature, especially on busy mornings!


Outside temperature right on your thermostat - Sinopé



7. Because it’s so much easier to program

A smart home device can be way more intuitive, quick and easy to program than a programmable device that has a single screen and three buttons to do everything. (Thank you management platforms!)

8. A 360° home experience

Smart home devices can interact if you planned them to do so. For instance, you can decide that music will play when you dim the lights or when the temperature rises. Combinations are infinite, turning your home into a more-than-enjoyable 360° experience.

9. For the comfort

Coming back home with the temperature and the lights that are just right, and without having to look for your keys, again, because you use a smart doorlock definitely raise your well-being. Happiness is in the detail.


A welcoming home



10. Because it makes life so much easier

Set your entire home in away mode in a single click, or turn on and off devices from your smartphone is easier and more efficient than doing everything manually. Plus, you can do all this when you’re waiting in line or commuting. It gives you a little break in your busy day.

11. To protect your home

Technology allows you to keep an eye out for your home whether you are at work or on vacation. Connected cameras, smoke detectors, and smart water leak protection systems, like Sedna5 that detect, protect, and prevent water damages are simple devices that can make a big difference.

12. To lower your insurance premium

Most insurance companies offer promotions and rebates to their clients equipped with smart home devices, such as smart water leak protection systems. These devices present an added value, in addition to protecting the home.


Lower your home insurance premium with Sedna


Smart home devices present many other advantages. Each connected product has specific characteristics to enhance the user experience and simplify its owner’s life. In essence, we could say there are more than 12 reasons why you want to own one so badly.


[1] Smart home, seamless life: Unlocking a culture of convenience. PwC. Visited April 2nd, 2019. (Source)

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